Hearing Tests & Hearing Aid Services

At Better Hearing Solutions, customer service is our priority. Whether you are here for a hearing screening, hearing aid repair, or another type of service, we want all of our customers to feel completely satisfied after a visit with us. We offer better hearing solutions with the best customer service. We strive to offer top of the line service and products at a reasonable price.

Hearing Test

We offer a free hearing screening and full comprehensive hearing test. If you feel you are having trouble communicating, then a screening is a great place to start. A comprehensive hearing test provides the information needed for a successful hearing solution.

Hearing Aid Repair

We offer repairs for all makes and models of hearing aids. Protect your investment for better hearing with proper testing to see if repairs are necessary. Our office can repair many receiver-in-canal hearing aids/RIC hearing aids in the office.

Hearing Aid Verification

We perform hearing aid verification for all hearing aids! Hearing aid verification is the single most important test for all hearing instruments to ensure that all hearing aids can provide proper amplification for the user and make certain that your hearing instruments are operating correctly.

Hearing Protection &
Music Monitors

We offer custom hearing protection and music monitors. You should be able to enjoy music and the sounds of life without having to worry about causing damage to your ear.

Swim Plugs

We offer plugs that will help you to keep your delicate ears dry while bathing or swimming. This service will allow us to set you up with the perfect swim plugs for your ears.

Hearing Devices

We offer a variety of in-home devices to help hearing while using the TV, telephone, or alarm clock. Better hearing is possible, and these devices will reduce the stress put on someone struggling to hear, and enrich the sounds in your everyday life.

Ready to Schedule a Hearing Service?

Don’t miss a second of sound. Schedule a hearing screening or a hearing aid service today to make sure that your ears have everything they need to enjoy the sounds of the world! If you have any questions for us or inquiries about our hearing services, please feel free to contact us today! You can give us a call at (573) 547-2888 or (573) 883-2223, or send us a message. If you have hearing problems, we have hearing solutions. Schedule today!

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